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മലയാളികളുടെ സ്വന്തം Travel • Photography • Editing • Art YouTube ചാനൽ //

It is my desire to teach all malayalee photography enthusiastic friends on freezing the right moment with their most beloved camera and to build up their talent and creativity in art with simple malayalam videos alongside daily-meet challenges and examples.
I lay on a very simple concept., stating "you don't need any expensive gears or camera to pursue your passion.

All you need is a strong mindset".


Enthusiastic souls who teach photography, film-making and art over internet. Yes, of course on YouTube.
We're self taught and have been working on this industry for over 8 years now. On this period of time, we've come across all good and bad phases of these platforms and have gained and earned so much experience and talent.
The ultimate point of Sy mates is simple. We do want to teach you passionates all about photography, film-making and art with all the essence, good phases and beautiful enjoyment the platform set to offer you!

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7 High Quality Editing Presets are now available for Download.

Purely authentic custmoisable DNG, XMP and LUTS to edit your Photos & Videos with a single touch.

70+ Photo Overlays and 30+ Video Overlays are FREE with this Pack :)


Get to learn and experience yourself with short, malayalam narrated tutorial videos. Grasp all about these beautiful art forms with daily episodes and various challenges. Take your passionate step now!


Learn all A-Z terms and corners of photography with simple malayalam narrated videos.

No worries if you have only a mobile phone. This podcast aims to develop your talent on the device (mobile phone/DSLR) you're currently working on. Photography Podcast will be having seasons & episodes. Each seasons will be having an approx. of 15 short episodes which is set to make you understand better on photography.

Each season is thoughtfully designed to delve deep into the art and science of photography, offering a wealth of invaluable knowledge and practical insights. From mastering exposure and composition rules to unraveling the secrets of editing apps and software, every episode is an immersive experience, tailored to make you a better photographer

Join us as we explore portrait, landscape, macro, and night photography, unearthing the hidden gems in every subject and setting. Engaging, interactive, and replete with real-life examples.

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Hey you. I can make you draw anything! Even if you don't have a talent!

Here we teaches you from drawing perfect face of a person to drawing a full anatomy of human body. After this course we assure you that you can easily and perfectly draw your near one's face or even your superstar with very less effort and so much of ease. Yes, you can be that so called 'artist'.

In this course, we will lead you through a waltz of lines and curves, teaching you the graceful dance of facial proportions and expressions, allowing you to capture the essence of your loved ones with effortless finesse. And as your artistic prowess blossoms, we will traverse the landscape of the human form, revealing the hidden beauty of muscles, bones, and sinew, unlocking the door to an extraordinary world of figurative artistry. From the gentle grace of a ballerina to the raw strength of a warrior, you will wield the power to summon any vision onto paper with unparalleled ease.


Discover the artist within, and with every stroke, immerse yourself in the symphony of creativity. So, join us on this exhilarating voyage of self-expression, and watch as your art unfurls its wings to touch the skies of boundless imagination.

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We have specially handpicked certain budget friendly and more useful items over internet which can dramatically help your art process. These items are personally used and trusted by us and thousands of other creators. You can buy them from Amazon as directed from here.
You can even check Sy mates merchandise store where we've updated more cool and stunning daily usables.

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Get redirected to Sy mates best choices on photography gears and art supplies on Amazon

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Buy cool custom-made T shirts, mobile cases, mugs, posters etc., from Sy mates online store.


These are some most asked questions I get around internet and I've handpicked some to answer here.

Which Application I use for Photo and Video editing?

I use PC software Adobe Photoshop CC for editing my photos and for videos I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Although Lightroom is a powerful software, I'm not much into it., because I spend more time on detailing and color corrections and I think Photoshop can deliver the best at what I want.

Which Phone/DSLR is best for Photography ?

My friend, just imagine you having a big RED camera with 8K and you don't know how to use it, then what's the purpose!? So first you need to build your talent before investing in expensive gears. If you have talent you can create magical photos from any level phones/DSLRs. Talent will allow you to choose the best for you.

Which Application is best for Photo/Video editing?

I can express with applications like Kinemaster, Inshot and Quick for videos and Adobe Lightroom, Snapseed and PicsArt for photos. It all depends on how you use it. Editing a photo or video is a skill. A well skilled person can easily edit a photo even on Instagram basic editing tool. So develop your editing skill, You'll find the best for you then.

Which Laptop/PC I use and which one is best for Editing?

If you're looking for video editing, it is recommended to use 8 GB RAM or above with minimum 4GB graphics. But I use hp i3 3rd Generation laptop which have only 4GB RAM and 2GB Graphics. Yes it works a bit slow, sometimes dead., still I manage to teach and entertain you with the best I can :)

How can I learn Photography?

I wont say learning photography is hard. It is the most satisfying thing you'll learn in your entire life. But, learning without practice and experiments wont take you anywhere. These are the keys. Obviously, developing talent and skills takes it's time but practicing  more often will rise your standards.

Which type of pencil is good for pencil drawing?

Usually artists use pencils from HB to 9B depending on the shades. The chart be like HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 7B, 8B, 9B. In this HB pencils are of lighter shades and shades increases it's darkness reaching 9B which produces darker shades among all. So for shading different areas we use different pencils.

Using more than 1 pencil produces improvement?

If you are looking for a quick answer, Yes. Definitely. Using lite shaded pencils for drawing outlines and bit darker pencils for shading can bring out whole lot of difference in your drawing. You can even use combinations of mechanical pencils, graphite pencils or even charcoals to enlighten your art.

How can I learn art quickly?

Learning art is simple but applying it on paper makes it hard. Visualizing and observing things around. Studying the shades and patterns you see. How highlights, mid tones and shadows works, more over daily practice. Combining everything and drawing regularly can improve your art. Talent takes time, so for art.


Questions, Doubts or Comments? Feel free to write here. We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you! Your message is on top of our desk :)

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