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This is so simple. Photography Challenge sets us to take photos for some days straight. That is, you will be provided different topics for the time period. Says 1 topic a day. So you should capture given topic related photo on the day and next topic on next day and should follow it for given period of days. On the last day, you will be having different kind of photos which tells different stories.

Sounds wonderful right! You don't need to wait for the month to start.

Just download the topics and start your challenge today.

Photography Challenge

Sy mates subscribers are the best and we love our community!
These are some of the photos took by our subscribers on their photography challenge.

Daily Slide 1
Daily Slide 1 copy
Daily Slide 1 copy
Daily Slide 1 copy
Daily Slide 1 copy
Daily Slide 1 copy
Daily Slide 1 copy


Watch this video to know how 30 days photography challenge works in detail and will be getting 360 view of the challenge with topic explanations. What are you waiting for. Start it by now, develop your photography talent and experience your improvement.

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